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Sweet Willow Naturals

Comfrey & Sage Salve

Comfrey & Sage Salve

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This soothing gentle salve incorporates grape seed and sunflower oil infused with comfrey and garden grown sage, added essential oils of clary sage and cedar wood,and locally sourced bees wax to promote skin healing. Great for balancing and healing skin.

Comfrey is rich in allantonin and mucilage, it facilitates and activates the healing of damaged tissue. It is good for treating torn ligaments, strains, and bruises.

Ingredients: Grape Seed oil and Sunflower Oil*infused with
Comfrey,and Sage,Bees Wax (from Hudson MA), Clary Sage
Essential Oil, Ceaderwood Essential Oil.

disclaimer- this product has not been evaluated
by the FDA, and makes no medical claims.
discontinue use if irritation occurs

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